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Tucson's Dryer Duct Cleaning Service

Can you imagine losing your home and everything in it to a fire? Sadly this happens almost every day to someone in America. The number one cause? Dryer vent fires. Most folks don't even think about their dryer vents until it's too late. If you have never had your dryer ducts cleaned by professional dryer duct cleaners, you should give us a call. Waiting too long could spell disaster. You can find us online by searching: Dryer Duct Cleaning Tucson

Our Dryer Duct Cleaning Services Include:
Dryer Lint Removal
Dryer Vent Cleaning
Dryer Exhaust Cleaning
Dryer Duct Cleaning
And more!

Quality Dryer Duct Cleaning

No-one in town offers the service we do. We not only clean your dryer vent, we clean everything that may have lint in it. We take your dryer apart and clean that too. If need be we will climb onto your roof to make sure your vents are completely free from lint. We then clean up our work area, leaving it better than we found it. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority, if you aren't happy, we aren't happy.



Why should you have your dryer duct professionally cleaned?

Dryer fires are the number one cause of fires in homes. The saddest part about this? They are 100% preventable. “I clean my lint screen after every load.” Is that what you just thought to yourself? That’s great, but it is not enough. Lint from you dryer can collect inside your dryer, in the vent and inside the dryer vent ducts. In fact only 25% of the lint actually ends up in the lint screen. How many years have you had your dryer? How many loads have you dried? Have you had you dryer vents cleaned my professional dryer vent cleaners? Ever? If you haven’t you are like most Americans and like most Americans you are risk of having a dryer fire the next time you dry a load of clothes in your dryer.